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"During those four days, I found myself highly impressed with Mr. Sankary along a number of dimensions that are crucial to high quality program delivery."
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From the Moote Group Workshop:

The following are testimonials from participants of the Moote Group – Workshop held on June 6-7, 2006, in Santa Ana, CA. For further information and reference, please call Steve Murow, VP, the Moote Group, at 714/751-5557 or smurow@moote.com.

"Mr. Sankary is an excellent "leader," teacher, facilitator, instructor – all in one. His enthusiasm in the subject matter really set the tone. Knowing his background (attorney, mediator, educator) gave this program major credence and credibility. He was incredible. Please forward my thanks to Dr. Cialdini for certifying Myer Sankary as a presenter of POP.

I heard about Myer from a member of an association I belong to and started communications with him in coming out for an hour presentation to our Forensic Expert Witness Association monthly meeting. In speaking with him and reading his credentials and just listening to his "this is some powerful stuff" spiel I engaged him to do a 2-day seminar for our top 10 folks at the company.

Oh my gosh, he was incredible. His use of law cases, mediation experiences, current affairs, history – everything he said and did was amazing. His ability to move the course and meet the time restrictions were unique with his (beautiful) assistant holding placards in the back of the room and keeping the class on schedule. His very personal approach and charisma coupled with his tremendous character was such a welcome experience. His reference to science and Dr. Cialdini was great. So simple – now that the research is done – yet so darn powerful.

I must commend Mr. Sankary and give him as high a rating as possible. Thank you very much. We look forward to the follow-up meeting and using influence throughout our day. On behalf of the folks at The Moote Group – well done – thank you!"
Steve Murow, VP, The Moote Group

"Mr. Sankary`s workshop has provided a framework from which principles of persuasion can be understood and implemented. Prior workshop negotiation techniques have left a void as to utilize persuasion effectivity. Preparation is the key to applying these principles. He gave all of us the confidence that we can each be at the best ( Gary Spence ) at their game, should the opportunity arise. Many thanks."
Mark Hassman, CFO, the Moote Group

"Within our extremely busy – business day we forget that relationships create and support out organization. The program reminded me that the value of knowing and liking our clients is extremely important to that relationship and our success."
Al Hoya, Vice President, the Moote Group

 From the March 2006 Workshop:

The course forced me to think more deeply about contrast and to use it to setup the context to improve the importance and value of my services to my clients.
Diana Waters, Waters and Dickens

Persuasion is apart of our daily lives and, for many of us as we become more senior in our careers, the essence of what we do. This workshop challenges you to think outside the box while at the same time having practicing new skills—a great learning experience.
Lawerence M. Braun, Partner, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter and Hampton LLP

It has been a very informative approach to evaluating tools/principles that leverage situations. The team approach gives an opportunity in evaluating different perspectives in reaching and utilizing the principles.
Nana Deeb, Director of Service Line, CHW-Northridge Hospital

(The workshop is) an excellent training program for leadership in healthcare organization. Highly recommended!
Richard Sankary, MD, President, Affinity Medical Group

I do real estate negotiation/persuasion everyday—I came out of the seminar knowing much more!
Alan Gecht, Vice President, Corporate Reality Associates

Apparently influence is a teachable, learnable and usable skill. All partners of law firms and boards of directors would benefit from learning and developing.
Mark Goulston, M.D., Mark Goulston, M.D. Inc.

Testimonials From Evaluations of the March 2006 Workshop:

Myer kept it moving, interspersed stories and statistics with exercises.
Lawerence M. Braun, Partner, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter and Hampton LLP

The content was absolutely terrific. It describes, dissects the elephant in the room that underlies influence. The best kind of wisdom is usable wisdom. Usable wisdom is something just outside what you’re already doing which makes it easier to use. The Principles of Persuasion are that
Mark Goulston, M.D.

Other Testimonials:

The Principles of Persuasion Seminar solidified strategies I had been using for years and gave me new insights into both errors I had made and new negotiating tools to use in the future. It is an invaluable resource, providing a "pre-flight checklist" for heading into any sort of negotiation - you are confident going in that your strategy is as solid as it can be.
Steve Bullard, CEO of Vision Advertising

I’ve been in training for over 20 years and have never seen a program as effective as this one. This program is different from all others. The science provides fundamentals that have paid off over and over again. This has been a very good bottom-line investment. Whether your employees need help in sales, management, leadership, or marketing, this course is a MUST.
Compaq Computer Corporation

This POP Workshop is a valuable investment in time, money and effort. It will certainly achieve successful financial, personal, and business goals. It’s a very powerful and sensible approach to achieving future superior results.

The information shared in this workshop is valuable for effective workplace interaction and relationships. It can enhance one’s sensibility about the power of influence!
Adelante Consulting

I had done extensive research on this cause prior to making the decision to attend. The course exceeded my expectations. I believe a workshop is valuable when I can walk away with one new skill to apply immediately. I have six new skills that I can apply to 4 critical situations of influence…. The icing on the cake is the fact that the course insists upon the ETHICAL use of influencing. Great Work.
Capital One Services, Inc.

This ‘Power of Persuasion’ program has been the single most valuable and powerful decision shaping tool I have encountered in my recent career. The simplicity yet depth of this pithy science has enabled me to create massive upside leverage in every situation whether it is driving more sales revenue or marketing for my clients. I intend to make the principles learned an integrated part of my influence arsenal and use it with integrity as a force for good.
High Velocity, Inc.

The six principles of influence appear to be simple, but the more we learned, the more we realized that this course is really a tight little system that allows us to think in different ways. This Principles of Persuasion course was excellent for our Senior Managers, customer service directors and sales people. We saw a measurable difference right away. The only problem is, now the word has spread and everyone wants it.
CIGNA Healthcare

The brief (2 hour) overview of the Principles of Persuasion you gave to our firm was truly a fresh perspective on conflict resolution, applicable to both mediation and trials. You conveyed your own enthusiasm for the Principles very, very well - you kept everyone wide awake, even during the usually difficult after-lunch time slot. As an attendee wrote on the evaluation form, the presentation was much more than expected. Most of us, as lawyers, have learned the use of one or more of the modes of interaction underlying Cialdini's Principles, but those interactions had never been illustrated, to me, so clearly before your presentation. As you mentioned, some famous lawyers have published books on persuasion that really only work for that personality. As you explained clearly, once the principles of persuasion were subjected to rigorous, scientific study, models emerged which can be grasped, and used, by anyone. Thank you very much for the presentation.
Robert Flagg, Supervising Attorney for the litigation law firm of Early Maslach and Rudniki

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